What is Freestyle Stories about?

Freestyle Stories is the first and only Freestyle Football blog about sharing fun experiences and cool stories from freestylers all around the world. The goal of this website is to build the biggest source for nostalgic freestyle moments.

How you can be part of this

As this blog is all about YOU and what you have experienced, we would be very happy if you could help us by sending your stories in. Just use the contact button below.


At the moment the team is fairly small with Christian Ried, the founder, being the only author of this blog.

Christian Ried

Christian Ried

Chris has been a football freestyler since 2006 and is also an admin of the I Am A Football Freestyler facebook page.

Although I don't practice a lot anymore, I still want to offer something useful to the community and make every member feel good about our unique sport.