Blessing In Disguise by Pawel Skóra

Lubasz Freestyle Night

Practicing before the competition I just noticed my shoes were broken. It must have happened while training a lot. Usually that would not be a big deal but unfortunately this was the only pair of shoes I had with me and without them I would not be able to take part in the competition. For the next few minutes I tried hard to find a solution because I really wanted to compete but the shoes I had were so destroyed that it was absolutely impossible to freestyle in them.

Blessing in disguise

Finally I decided to find someone who has the same shoe size as me. It turned out that Kevin from Germany had the same size so I asked him if he could borrow me his shoes for the competition. But Kevin had Nike shoes which meant that it would be my first time using nikes. However it was not a huge problem and I was very happy to be able to compete.

After the tournament I saw photos of me wearing nikes and a lot of people started asking me what happened to my regular adidas shoes and why i was wearing nikes now. Well I told them the story of my destroyed shoes which sounded interesting but also kind of scaring because something like this could happen to any freestyler.

Eventually I gave the shoes back to Kevin but he wrote me that he will send them to me again. Since he saved my day I wouldn’t have wanted to keep them so I signed one shoe, send it to him and kept the other one.

Up to this day I still have that exact shoe at home.

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