F50 vs. PREDATOR by Christian Ried

This story goes way back to 2007.. At that time there were only a few people you could actually call a freestyler. Palle, Name the man, Fx, Rocco, Daniel Rooseboom, Abbas Farid, you name them..
I started Freestyle around September 2006. As many other freestylers I was playing football at that time. Because I was a true Adidas fan, I followed every new promotion that they came up with. So I quickly noticed their campaign called F50 vs. Predator. It was basically their two new collections battling against each other.
When I started reading more about the campaign I saw that there was an official event you could register for. This event would be held in Murcia, Spain in May 2007 I think.
All you had to do was upload a short clip of you presenting yourself playing football or doing tricks. Of course as a freestyler I showed what I could do at that time.. 3 atws haha.
But fortunately that clip was enough to qualify for the event. There were only 300 tickets available so I was very happy when I got told I would be part of it.

I was 13 years old. My parents drove me to Munich Airport where I was meeting 6 other guys that were flying there as well. All of them were at least 20 years old. So I felt a little bit shy and uncomfortable. But after a short period of time I got to know each other and it turned out that all of them were really cool people.

When we arrived there it was like we were entering football heaven. Adidas rented a complete hotel area for us. The whole venue was split into two groups – F50 and Predator. I choose the F50 team. Everyone of us got a full package with brand new shoes, shorts, shirts, hoodies, towels and everything else you can imagine. We had to be always dressed representing our team but that was part of the spirit. It was so cool walking around seeing everyone wearing the same type of clothing. You really felt like a top level athlete.

The event itself was pretty awesome. Adidas arranged a tournament. Each collection would have their own tournament to find out which team was the best. And then the two top teams would take part in the final game in which you would play with the big stars Messi, Zidane, Cissé, Lahm and many more I don’t remember now.

3 days of pure fun, sun, chilling, meeting lots of new people and learning with the pros. Actually there were 4 freestylers joining the event as well.
Two of them from Germany René Mathussek and Camill Hauser. The other two guys were Tobias Sjödin and Mikael Lindroth. Some of you may remember them.. real legends.
It was so amazing watching them doing all these tricks with ease.

Well that sums it up basically. If you want to see some impressions from the event, watch the video below.

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