Freestyle Is Unpredictable by Artur Filipek

Back in May 2015 my friend Konrad and I went on the pitch to train freestyle. At that time I was recording clips for a video and I had to record only one last clip. After one hour of training I felt ready and decided to turn on the camera and record something.
It turned out that I kept struggling with one combo for 4 hours. Last time I touched it like 12 times… I was very upset about it.
On our way back home Konrad asked me to do some more freestyle around his house. I had literally no power in my legs anymore but I agreed. For some weird reason I managed to land my combo at the third attempt. Konrad even broke his atw and htw records.
I don’t have any clue how it worked, but I think that freestyle is just very unpredictable and you should just practice as much as you can.

Here are some clips from that session.

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