My Favorite Matchball by Ernesto Haro

Being stuck

This story brings so many feelings to me because I was ending high school. At that time all I wanted was to end it as quick as possible… Eventually the day of my graduation came and at first everything was fine but then I got really stressed cause I just wanted to go home and see Nicole (my girlfriend) who had supported me at every single thing throughout the relationship.
After 5 hours the ceremony finally came to an end. Unfortunately I had another 1 hour journey to get to her house. I remembered she had told me earlier that I should go to my house before hers. As you can probably imagine I felt very bad because I could not see her yet.

An amazing surprise

When I finally arrived at home it was already late and I was very tired but still felt the same way. As I got in my room there was an Adidas bag laying on my bed. I immediately opened it and inside was the 2016 finale Milano match ball with a letter of her telling me that she is happy to be with me in such important moments of my life, that she knew it wasn’t such a big thing for me but for her it was, and thanking me for all the moments we’ve had so far.
Just imagine how my face changed and the feelings I experienced in that moment.

My favorite matchball

That’s the story of my favorite match ball, I hope you liked it.

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