Never Give Up by Maha Selek

My Dream

When I was a kid my dream was to become a professional football player. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to play football because I’m a girl. I wanted to be in a team or football club but I never could because studying should be more important than hobbies. In fact I’ve always tried to sign up for a team but my parents wouldn’t accept that. I kept trying to convince them that I want to be part of anything related to football.


When I reached high school and saw that I might never get a chance to play football I decided to get a soccer ball and try to work on skills and drills on my own at home without being in a club and without anyone’s help. But it was so hard to practice football at home since there isn’t enough space to run and when shooting, something could break. So I stuck to juggling and control only. Eventually I got frustrated, mad about the fact I’d never be able to be a footballer.

This Is Amazing

Later I found a video of people doing insane tricks with a soccer ball and I was like „no way this can be real“. After that I saw tutorials on how to do such tricks and I said I’d give it a try. Well I had nothing to loose anyway. Trying over and over again until I landed it – I was amazed! I would have never expected to land it! Very motivated I learned a couple more tricks and started to show them to people I knew and everyone was stunned of how I did it!

I Love Freestyle Football

Since then the only thing I’ve been doing is freestyle football – all day all night. You can say it’s what I live for! I admit without freestyle football my life would have never been the same. It is the reason why I’ve been dreaming big and achieving. Performing freestyle football is the only thing that made me actually be on a football field, something I’ve always dreamt of since childhood. Furthermore it helped me meet awesome people and even the head coach of the women’s national team!

I’m blessed and thankful to have found out about freestyle football and to be a freestyler. Maybe it’s a hard sport but it proved to me that with patience and a lot of trying, dreams do come true and that we never know what the future is hiding for us that’s why we should never give up and never listen to anyone but ourselves!

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