Oldschool Freestyle by Murilo

The Gold Days

Back in the days there was no YouTube or Facebook. We used to watch freestyle videos on Google Video or platforms like Metacafé. Every training we recorded our actions to see how we could improve. If we had a good training session we sent our new clips to other freestylers through the MSN messenger.

Freestyle Forums

In addition to that there were forums like beyondfootball and nasfreestyle. That was the most common way to communicate with others. These sites were mainly used for sharing videos, asking for tips, creating tutorials and simply checking what was going on in the freestyle scene. You also felt like a true part of the community because usually every new member introduced himself first with a new post and others welcomed you.

The generation of today will never understand the excitement of visiting a forum uncountable times per day constantly hitting F5 seeking for new updates. Those were really gold days.

Below you’ll find a true oldschool freestyle video.

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