Reality Is A Struggle by Emzi

It’s a disaster

6 months ago I had ACL operation. I was not able to move out of my bed and needed help to go to the bathroom. I felt so weak and pathetic. But at some point I decided to not give up!

A spark of hope

Thanks to god and the great smart doctor I started getting better and better. In fact two months ago I forced myself to participate in redbullstreetstyle Kuwait. Actually I almost made it to the semi final.

Freestyle is a blessing

I kept on following the instructions until I got back to do light training. Then suddenly qatarairways gave me the opportunity to perform for barcelona vs. ahlysaudi along with some great guys and freestylers from southafrica, malaysia, saudi arabia, spain and india! These guys became my friends later.

I believe we always keep searching for motivation, when WE can be our biggest one.

Life goes on

At the moment I am still not 100% ready but I will keep the spirit high and I am going to get back stronger and better than before! Thanks to everyone who supported me when life was struggling. Because of freestyle I learned how to fight and not giving up.

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