The Dark Side Of Freestyle by Ahmadreza

SuperBall 2013

Back in 2013 the SuperBall World Championships in Prague were a really big competition for me. Mainly because it was my very first tournament ever. As you can imagine I was excited!

When I arrived I was stunned because up to this day I had never seen so many freestylers training in one place. But the most interesting parts for me were before and after my trip.

Before the trip I could only associate these people with their freestyle clips I saw online.
After the trip I knew about their lifestyle, their morals and about their character too.

The Disappointment

What I would have not expected but unfortunately discovered was the following. Some of the competing freestylers – of course not all – I saw smoking a lot of weed, drinking way to much alcohol and basically living with bad behaviors. I did not like seeing that at all. I was so disappointed seeing real freestyle legends living such a bad lifestyle.

In my opinion real legends have to care about their body and live their life wisely, learn from it. They might have forgotten it but there are many young freestylers that look up to them. So the big names out there already have more responsibility than they might think about.

What do you guys think about drugs, alcohol and bad behavior at Freestyle meetings?

2 Gedanken zu „The Dark Side Of Freestyle by Ahmadreza

  • Februar 1, 2017 um 12:32 pm

    I think that is not your business how someone wants to live his life. Drugs, alco helps to set to zero a stress. Thats why they are legends and you are juat ahmadreza

    • Februar 2, 2017 um 7:25 am

      True but you should not forget that because they are legends they have a certain responsibility to the younger freestylers. And if they smoke and take drugs it’s not a good impact on the beginners. They are not legends because of their lifestyle but simply because of their freestyle skills. Keep that in mind.
      Btw Ahmadreza is a very known freestyler too.


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