The Origin Of SuperBall by Lucaso

Back in the days

Back in 2007 when I was doing Freestyle for a little more than one year I already met Jan Krepl, the very first freestyler in Czech republic. Unfortunately he was living in a totally different corner of country than me. However we managed to meet each other a few times. Actually I am going to see him next week again after a long time as he is living in Zurich now.

The first freestyle event

Anyway one day we decided to go to Vienna to attend one of the first freestyle events named Eurobac 2007 where most of famous freestylers of that era were performing: Touzani, Palle, Fx, John Farnworth, Séan, Szymo, Nam the man, Abbas, Petike and some others.
As you can imagine we were so excited and thrilled about it. I picked Jan up in Brno and we headed straight to Vienna.

Freestyle heaven

When we entered the arena I was stunned. Suddenly all those heroes I knew from videos were alive and blasting amazing combos right in front of me. My mind was blown away and as a proper beginner fan I started to make lots of pictures and videos.
The famous Palle vs. Fx or Touzani vs. Séan videos which you might remember were actually created by myself.

This feeling was something which left a huge impact on me. It was literally emotional freestyle orgasm. On that day, in this very moment, I told myself that I want every freestyler to experience the same feeling in their lives. I want to see sparkle in their eyes when they meet their heroes and they chill together as one big family with no differences.

SuperBall – from nothing to everything

In fact this was the day when the first idea of SuperBall was created. As I got home I started to write event notes how to make some meetings happen and how to make SuperBall happen. After 2 years I finally made it happen – The 2009 Grand Prix of Prague!

This was the base for the biggest freestyle event in the world.

The origin of superball

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