The Scary Train by Kitti Szász

Where am I?

I was travelling to Lubasz, Poland for the first Lubasz Freestyle Night ever. By that time the freestyler’s transportation was not really organized yet so I had to take a bus and a train as well as walking from a relatively small town to an even smaller town. Furthermore it was winter time so I had to deal with about -20°C temperature.

When I was riding the train nobody would say the names of the next station so I was rather standing in front of the doors looking outside to see if I can identify the next stop’s name. And because it was already dark, plus me being very tired it was extremely difficult to see anything at all. Also there was hardly anyone on the train so I could not even ask a person for help.

A panic moment

Eventually after some time I managed to arrive at the right station. Just as I wanted to get out I realized that it was one of those old trains where you would have to open the doors manually. Due to the low temperature outside the door handles were frozen. While tryining to open the doors I suddenly heard a whistle in the front as a sign that the train can move on.
I knew that this would be my last chance to get out before riding to the next sop which I had absolutely know idea where I would end up.

As you can imagine I started freaking out. So I did the only thing possible in that moment. I took my luggage and smashed it at the doors as hard as I could. Fortunately it worked and somehow I managed to get out right before the train went on.

What a horrible and scary experience.

If you have ever been in a similar situation, please comment below.

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