The Skatw Lie by Gienia

Skala did not invent skatw

I believe Skala was not the first person to do Skatw (Skala Around The World).
Anyone that knows the video Freestyle Poland 2 will remember that the first one to do Skatw in this video was Skala himself. So you would assume he invented the trick.

Actually just some minutes later there is a clip of Skóra doing Skatw but with a combo. Unfortunately the editing is so bad that nobody noticed it and thought it was just an ahmatw combo.

Skala uploaded the original clip of him doing the trick a few months after Freestyle Poland 2 was released. He uploaded it on his brother’s channel Szymon Skalski on 25.11.2007. Poland’s Freestyle Compilation came out on 01.07.2007.

So the only proof that Skala is the inventor of skatw is FP2 and only because his clip was shown before Skora’s which was cut off.

Below you can watch the FP2 video. These are the specific moments I am referring to
1:44 Skala
9:14 Skora

Let us know your opinion about this topic.

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